Lisa Kivirist on the Power of Women Farmers

What happens when you and your spouse quit your jobs, buy a farm, move into the old farmhouse and then realize you need an income pretty darn quick?!

Start a B & B, of course!

That was Lisa’s introduction to farm life 20 years ago.

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That’s not the only option, but it did offer her an income right away so she could develop her vegetable and flower garden and not be so stressed about cash (I know you can relate as well as I!).

Lisa Kivirist is an author of 6 books, writes for Mother Earth News Magazine, speaker, farmer & B&B Inn owner.  Plus one of the most gracious women I’ve met – happy to share all her knowledge that you can absorb over a couple cups of tea!

Within her 20 years of farming wisdom I know you’ll find some gems to help guide you in your decision making over the next months and years. 

First, forward this to a farmer friend who needs to hear it, then click below to listen to the full interview.

Click below to watch:

In our inspiring sit-down you’ll hear:

  • Why creating a strong network around the dinner table can be your saving grace and a few “how-to’s” to create your own
  • How to layer and leverage your farm business
  • How can women assure we can farm long-term
  • Some of the challenges women farmers face
  • Hear about one of our most powerful skills as a woman farmer and what that means in our communities.
  • Learn the #1 thing you can do today to make a difference for your farm’s future

….plus so much more!

Tell me your in the comments below your single biggest takeaway from my talk with Lisa and how her how-to’s might help you navigate your farm and life in the near future.

I hope this conversation helps inspire you as much as it did me – that our farms are always a work in progress, there is not finish line, and each one of us farmers is still figuring it out!!



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