How to Write A Profitable Marketing Email


When you first decided to start your farm, I bet you were so excited to bring in the first crop of veggies, bring home your first animal, or welcome your first customers.

You planned everything to the last detail, overjoyed that you were living your dream of feeding your family off the land.

But after a while, farming started to feel more like an expensive hobby than a business because when it came to getting more customers and actually making money…well, that’s not the reason you got into farming!

But without those paying customers, you can’t live your dream.

I know it can be overwhelming to get those paying customers – you’ve seen your Facebook posts reach fewer and fewer people; advertising is a waste of money. You have hundreds… no, thousands of Instagram followers and yet and you still don’t have people flocking to buy from you.

I’ve got the solution for you, and it’s a mouthful – I’ve become known for my courses in relationship-based online marketing. It’s what I used to build my profitable farm over the last eight years and now our students are succeeding at incorporating it into their lives.

And with advancements in technology over the last few years you can get set up free or cheap and it’s EASY!! If I can do it, you can do it.

Today we’re diving deeper into the email part of online marketing. Something most people overlook is that every single one of your emails you send to your customers must have a purpose (I call it the “Rule of One”)  or you will lose your customers to lack of engagement.

(And “updates from the farm” or “farm news” is not a purpose.)

Your purpose might be to inspire them. Or to educate. Or perhaps to have them buy 1/4 beef from you or order cut flowers from you or sign up for your Veggie CSA.

Whatever your purpose is, you must determine that before writing your email or post, and then incorporate a few other components to make sure your emails are inviting your readers to open them, are valuable to your readers, and ultimately, making you money so you can stay in business!

Below this is a training video I did on Facebook Live for our private group for farmers (The Profitable Farm)  on how to write a profitable email.   The worksheet explains the “4 Components of a Profitable Email” so you can get set up for your own emails to be successful.

My business thrives because I write about 2 emails to my email list per month and people love hearing from me! You can do this same thing, too, and see your sales grow.

To get the free worksheet + template to write your own profitable email, enter your name & email below!


Now, be sure to watch the video below and hear all about “The Rule of One” and how to write those profitable emails!

When you’re done, leave me a comment below and tell me – how will you adjust how you write emails to your customer base?

Thank you for reading and sharing!



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