You will succeed when you matter to people.


I hear from so many of you that you can’t figure out where to “find the right customers,” or “how do I convince people our products are worth the price,” and “how do I know where to go and what to say to find customers.”

I want to throw a completely different perspective in the ring here.  You will succeed when you matter to people.  If you’ve started your business, producing your product, and haven’t been connecting with people then you don’t matter to them yet.  And if you don’t matter to them, then they won’t buy from you.

Do you matter to your customers?

If you put an ad on craigslist, or Facebook, or the newspaper or a local bulletin board, you don’t matter to anyone reading that ad.

Many people think of marketing and advertising as a shortcut to “mattering” to our customers.  You must build relationships with your customers, so you matter to them, so they will buy your products because YOU are important to them.

So then how can you start mattering to your customers?

First of all, make sure you have all their emails.  Not Facebook likes – that’s like renting customers – they aren’t your people.  You need their emails.  Begin collecting them.

Secondly, begin talking to your customers.  Show your care and concern for them.  Ask them what buying your products does for them.  Then write those answers down – – we will refer to those heavily in class.

They will LOVE you asking this question.  Listen more then you talk.  You will begin to matter to your customers.

If someone is not buying from you, it’s because you don’t matter to them yet.

When you matter to your customers, they will drive out of their way to your farm to buy your {milk, apples, produce, eggs, etc.}.  And they will be loyal and do it regularly, even though they pass other farms or stands along the way.

And all because you matter to them.  If someone won’t drive out to your farm, and instead is buying inferior products at the grocery store, you don’t matter to them yet.

If you don’t see the customers at your farm, email them – – pick a few today and send a short and caring email to each individual, wishing them a great weekend, and asking them how they are liking your {eggs, milk, produce, fill in the blank here} and ask them what buying your product does for them or their family?

Make their day!! Show you care!!  You will matter to them for doing so.

Call this ‘homework’ if you will — but what I’m really asking is that you reach out to make a customer’s day and see how you matter to them then.

Would love if you would scroll down to leave me a comment – what was your customer’s response to you reaching out to them?

More than anything, your success matters to me!



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