#107: How to Overcome Writer’s Block and Feel Inspired in Your Marketing

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This week a farmer asked for coaching because she has writer’s block and often feels stuck when she sits down to write.

Yet she knows her farm’s success depends on her being able to write emails to sell, descriptions on her website that will sell, social media posts that will sell.

And yet when she feels blocked and uninspired, the result is sales are slow and difficult because of this writer’s block which is not allowing her to write.

Ugh! It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Her writer’s block insures no sales emails will go out, or if they do, they were exhausting to write and ineffective.

Today’s podcast episode will walk you through how to overcome writer’s block and the general lack of inspiration or enthusiasm around marketing.

In episode 107 you’ll learn:

  • The sneaky way you keep yourself stuck and blocked
  • Why you don’t feel inspired when you sit down to write
  • How to create the feeling of inspiration when you need it

You might think, oh I just need some writing prompts or a template. THEN I’ll be able to get over writer’s block.

I have so many writing prompts in my marketing program.

I even have lessons on copywriting.

But this is why coaching is crucial – you can’t do the thing you KNOW you have to do if you’re creating a feeling of stuck for yourself.

You won’t be able to take action when you’re stuck.

You’ve got to solve for that first.

Instead, I teach you the skill of being able to write on demand – which is learning to create inspiration or focus, whatever emotion you need, when you need it.

Listen to Episode 107 HERE and learn how to overcome writer’s block.


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