#116: How to Stop Spinning and Looping in Your Head and Finally Feel Calm

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I used to wake up every night about 1:30-2:00 AM and just toss and turn for the next couple of hours, worrying about my farm, family, and my to-do’s.

It wasn’t even productive or useful because I wasn’t actually doing anything!

I was just looping & spinning. But I couldn’t stop it, either.

Then, I’d wake up on time in the morning, but groggy and tired.

I thought it was normal because most of my friends had the same struggle!

I thought it was just how life was as a busy farmer + parent + managing the house and business.

It sucked, though, to be tired a lot of the time.

I knew it wasn’t productive but I didn’t know how to stop it.

I actually thought it was just how life was going to be, forever.

I even had friends advise me to drink alcohol before bed and then I’d sleep straight through… didn’t work though!

Then my other friend said she takes Tylenol PM every night…

People suggested melatonin and magnesium and specific teas.

I tried it all.

Nothing worked and I wondered “Is this all there is in life for the next 30 years?”

Then I found the work that I’m teaching you today.

What I’m teaching you today changed my life and now my clients are able to improve their sleep and they’ve shut off the daytime spinning and looping, too!

One of the hugest payoffs to stopping the spinning & looping that goes on in my clients’ heads is they find 10-20 MORE hours in their weeks.

And I want this for you, too!

Today’s podcast episode will help you stop the spinning and looping in its tracks!

Click the link above and learn the 5 steps to stopping the constant spinning.

Implement the steps, practice them, and then let me know how you do!

This is something I coach on regularly, too – if you’re not yet a client – this podcast will get you on your way to managing how you think so you can create way more time and success.



PS: Tune in with the link above and learn how to calm your mind down once and for all.

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