#119: How People Pleasing Your Customers is Losing You Money – And How to Fix It

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It’s super common for the farmers who first come to me for coaching to think that a successful farm is built by giving your community what they want.

For instance, they decide to start a flower farm.

People love the flowers and wish could cut their own.

So the farmer opens up a u-cut.

Then, the customer wants you to save them some peonies. Or pink tulips… and you go out of your way to do so.

Next, they want to pick up their flowers Saturday, late, because they’re going to be in the area anyway. You comply because you NEED to make sales.

THEN… they need you to deliver. Or ship. Or sell dried flowers. Or starts. So you do.

Your days are LONG but you’re moving product, so it seems logical.

But you’re not going to get to profit running your business this way.

And there is no clear brand when you run your business this way.

Today’s episode will help you turn this around and make branding, selling, and running your farm so much easier.

This same mistake happens no matter what you are farming – the milk, meat, and vegetable farmers all struggle with this at first.

And you’ll want to get this figured out ASAP or you’ll do what most farmers do and quit because you’re in constant overwhelm, in reaction mode and feeling frustrated, overworked, not making money.

This is what I call people-pleasing in your business and it’s the opposite of what your business really needs, which is a CEO making the decisions.

And guess what – even if you never thought of yourself as a CEO, you ARE the CEO of your business when you start your farm!

But since you didn’t go to “CEO School” you weren’t aware of this – until now when you see yourself in this reaction mode, this people-pleasing mode.

Today’s episode of the Profitable Mindset Podcast will help.

Click the link above to learn how to shift to being the CEO your biz needs and then clear up your branding to build your profitable farm with ease.

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