141: Why This Farmer Invested Immediately in Coach Training No Matter What the Cost – Last Day to Join

Use THIS LINK HERE to Learn About Coach Training

Last Friday, I sat down with my client, Lori Hernandez, and we dove deep on how coaching has transformed her life in every way – she was the first person to sign up for coach training so I asked her to share with you why she decided to do that. 

Click the link above to listen to our vulnerable and moving conversation – or watch the video below.

When I started coaching full-time over three years ago, I started getting emails and messages that now come in daily about how YOUR lives are changing in every way, too.

I love coaching you, and now I get to teach you the concepts and skills I know, so that you can share with others. Together, we’ll be touching thousands of lives. Soon, hundreds of thousands of lives. Then, millions. 

I LOVE being able to give back in this way. Many of you have felt the urge to be an example of what’s possible for others, too.

The first class opened up to my current clients and filled up immediately. So I opened up this second class and you get first dibs on the spots – there are 6 left.

If you feel called to serve in the world in this way, to help people feel better and finally reach their goals and dreams, consider training to be a coach in Farmers Coaching Farmers.

Read all about it and sign up HERE.

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