Joel Salatin Talks Farm Marketing


300 farmers go out of business every week in America.

Every week.

I was shocked to hear that statistic.

I know 80% of farmers don’t make it past the 2 year mark and only 2% make it to the 5 year mark, but knowing we lose 300 per week is really heart wrenching!

While speaking at a conference at a beautiful ranch in the hills of California, I got the opportunity to sit down with Joel Salatin for about an hour talking shop about why this may be happening and some ideas to stop that dismal failure rate.

If you’re a farmer and you want to be one of the 2% still around in 5 years, then today’ s video is a must-watch.

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Not only is Joel America’s most famous farmer (yes, that’s a thing) he’s a prolific author and teacher who’s taught more farmers how to farm through his books and mentorship program than anyone I know.

While marketing and sales are not often part of a farmer’s skill set, they’d better be –  or, if you’re just not going there, listen to Joel’s innovative ideas about leveraging your marketing to get the most bang for your buck.

Gems To Look Out For

In this video watch and listen for these gems:

  • How do farmer’s markets fit into your marketing plan.
  • After talking with hundreds of farmers around the world Joel has intuited the ideal formula for you to make a profit on a small farm.  Find out how many chickens, beef cows, eggs and pigs will bring you sustainablility.
  • Our enlightening discussion on raising vegetables vs. animals.
  • Learn the 4 activities you can do at the start to ensure your success.
  • Farm challenges require creativity and flexibility – what are 3 things you can do to strengthen that skill set in yourself?

Get the Free Workbook

Studies show you learn more & it stays with you longer when you engage with a video like this especially – so be sure to download the workbook and follow along for the most benefit and to transform your marketing.

I was the one holding the conversation and yet I’ve still listened to it many more times while editing this and making notes for you. I learn something new that is transforming my farm each time I go through it!! So I hope you’ll watch it more than once for the best results!

You won’t want to miss this…

One last resource I want to make sure you’re aware of – our private Facebook Group for farmers is thriving and so many people are sharing ideas, resources and practices to help us all be sustainable and profitable.

Would LOVE to see you in there  (click here to join)  so we can turn around this appalling failure rate!!

Most of all, enjoy this video and know how important your work is in the world, and therefore, how important it is that you thrive!

Leave a comment below this video – what is your biggest takeaway?  What one action will you incorporate now to start making your marketing more effective?

When you comment you inspire thousands of other great farming souls who will be grateful you shared.

Talk soon –


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