#192: This is Your 2024 Business Marketing Plan

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If I could help you get anything you want on your farm, what would that be?

MOST people say time and money… not necessarily in that order.

Listen Above For Your 2024 Business Marketing Plan

What most farmers usually DON’T tell me is they need more fulfillment.

But too many farmers contact me for help because they’ve figured out how to make money in their business…

…but their farm also sucked all of the joy out of them.

And they come to me to announce everything’s for sale, they’re shutting down, they just don’t enjoy what they’ve built so it’s not worth the hard work required.

They realized they figured out how to make money – but the business wasn’t sustainable over the long run.

Your farm can’t be fulfilling when it’s bleeding the very life out of you.

In Episode 192​ of the Profitable Mindset Podcast, I show you how to build a farm business that you enjoy working in.

Now THAT is sustainable!

Answer the questions in the episode and by the end, your mind will be blown by the clarity you’ll start to see and feel.

The first question will guide you through some data that is really crucial to know – and easy to find.

I tell you exactly where to find this data that you’ll need to make informed decisions, so you can stop guessing or hoping.

The next couple questions will tell you exactly what you need to focus on for 2024 and what your projected income is AND what to focus on to get there.

You’ll have a roadmap for what to say yes to and what to say no to with great confidence.

Combine these answers with episode 190 and 191, part 1 & 2, and you’ll be armed with everything you need to make 2024 your most successful year yet – financially AND for the highest quality of life.

It’s crucial that you not only build a profitable farm, but also that you build a farm that you feel fulfilled running and owning.

It’s not sustainable to build a farm that makes money but you’re not enjoying getting up and going to work every day.

It takes conscientious intentional effort to build a business you LOVE and it makes money.

And THIS podcast episode​ is the roadmap to making that happen.

See you inside,


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