#155: Other People’s Wants & Ideas Are NOT Your To-Do List

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As farmers, we move fast and get a lot done.

We deliver a calf, puppies, and babies – in the middle of the night.

Then get up and milk cows before anyone else wakes up.

Get ’em all breakfast and off to school or work, AND THEN go deal with customers, fix a fence, weed a bed.

We pound out a constantly evolving to-do list.

People look at us as if we’re super-woman. And on a good day, we feel like superwoman!

But at some point, this catches up with us and we know something’s gotta give.

If hard work pays off, we’re wondering why that’s not working out for us.

We wonder, why am I overworking and still not making what I should?

One of the problems – and the solution – is in today’s Profitable Mindset Podcast episode 155.

Listen now to Learn the Solution to overworking/underearning.

You may be unknowingly doing this.

Today’s episode will help you become aware of this bad habit that will lead to overwhelm – and help you turn it around.

So you can get more of what’s important to you and your farm completed.
Without the overwhelm. Without overworking.

Tune in and learn how right HERE.


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