#156:  This is The #1 Mindset Stopping Farmers From Making Money

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The farmers I coach are learning their mindset is what determines whether they make money or not.

They learn when they expect success – it drives success away.

We regularly coach on this in our group coaching sessions.

Listen to the episode to hear how you’re doing that.

Here’s the path farmers take in the 5X Program:

  • They show up not making enough money, or enough profit, or enough sales.
  • The implement the coaching we offer.
  • They shift their mindset.
  • They have success.

It IS that simple.

I know at first you might be skeptical…

…thinking – “it can’t be that simple!!”

Our brains want to make us believe the process is very complicated.

We have the perfect justification – “it’s hard to make money on a farm.”

If we believe the process is complicated, then no wonder it’s hard for us to get profitable.

“Our farms would not be losing so much money if it’s simple.” we think.

But it truly is simple.

Now, it’s not easy, but only because shifting the thoughts in your brain is hard.

But it’s hard work worth doing.

And the farmers in 5X love how coaching supports them in doing this hard, but simple work.

There’s something you’re telling yourself that’s preventing you from making money.

And I know what it is, because it’s a mindset every farmer first comes to me with.

Tune in to today’s episode of the Profitable Mindset Podcast.

If you think you’d get profitable sooner than you are, or if you think things should be happening faster, or your website or marketing should be working better –

Tune in and you’ll see how that expectation of success is harming you.


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