#162: This Full-Time College Student Uses 5X Coaching to Make Tens of Thousands of Dollars on His Farm

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Robert is a 19 year old college student, living at home, building his farm.

And he paid to be in my program BEFORE he told his parents.

He’s so glad he did.

Last month, he just made $7,000 in one week with his 5 day sales launch I teach farmers how to do.

Whoa! What college kid is making tens of thousands of dollars in his own business while studying in school?

And isn’t it fascinating that the reason he’s in college is at his parent’s request because they don’t think he can make a living farming.

Yet, he already is.

It’s not luck. He didn’t start out profitable. He’s learned how to make money on his farm since joining my coaching program last August.

I asked him why he was drawn to this work since most 19-year-olds are off doing other things, not typically personal development.

He said like most farmers, he thought he needed to work harder to make more money.

But that wasn’t working for him. He couldn’t possibly squeeze out any more hours, but he couldn’t see how to make more money unless he found more than 24 hours in a day.

Listening to my podcast, week after week, Robert heard me talk about this exact problem farmers need to solve if they want to get profitable.

Working hard to make money gets your farm only so far. About $50K to 250K in sales, most farmers realize they’re working ALL the time and taking home very little, if any, money.

Working harder will not build a profitable, sustainable farm.

Instead, my clients learn what does work.

You’ve got to go inside and do the harder work of building your brain.

You’ve heard the phrase – “work smarter, not harder.”

It’s 100% true if you want to move your farm beyond where you are right now.

Robert, at age 19, was fully aware he could not physically exert any more energy, but he wasn’t where he wanted to be financially.

He knew there must be a way to do this – he heard about client after client in the 5X Program doing it.

So he took the risk, paid the fee, joined my 5x program, and has worked smarter ever since.

And he’s making money on his farm. As a full-time college student.

You’re going to love our talk.

In my 5X Facebook group of hundreds of farmers, Robert is everyone’s inspiration.

Listen to our conversation and you’ll be inspired, too.

Then – plan on joining Robert when the 5X program opens up in May.

Whether you’re 19, or 80, or anywhere in between – you’ll learn the skills to make money on your farm.



“When I joined your program, I told myself I was just joining for the marketing and that I didn’t need all this mindset and coaching stuff!

Wrong! You are so spot on when you say that “coaching is the difference that makes a difference.”

~ Robert Nelson – 5x Your Farm Sales Member

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