#179: How to Sell Your Farm Products in This Economy

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When you hear me say, “Farmers deserve to be able to charge profitable prices.”

Do you believe me?

Or do you get blasted with doubts like…

  • “People are struggling – I can’t raise my prices.”
  • “I just need to sell MORE so I can keep our prices where they’re at.”
  • “I’m already priced high – I can’t raise my prices anymore.”
  • “I just need to become more efficient on my farm to have more profit.”

Self-canceling like this is so common – and it breaks my heart.

The farm products you sell – from flowers to veg, meat to milk… are transforming lives everywhere.

But if you can’t make money at it, you’ll eventually go out of business, leaving your community scrambling for a substitute.

One of the biggest struggles I help farmers overcome is to finally get consistent cash flowing on their farm – AND at a profit.

You’ll get a big leg up on how to do that in episode 179 of the Profitable Mindset Podcast.

Getting cash flowing on your farm is not what you thought the process would be.

Today’s episode will offer a perspective that’ll help you shift to building your profitable farm with much more ease.

The farmers in the 5X Your Farm Sales program who implement the coaching and marketing training learn to raise their prices – sometimes by double – and then still sell out.

It’s a learned skill to build a profitable, sustainable farm.

It’s not a matter of having the best products around. You’ve got to develop the mindset and marketing skills that’ll support your business.

Tune in to Episode 179 and then…

…plan on joining us inside 5X Your Farm Sales in October.

You’ll spend the next 12 months learning the business skills you need to be successful and be here serving your community for the long run.


“I am overfilled with so much love, joy, compassion, grace, and confidence that I have never felt in my life.

I feeling like I’m managing baby number 7 like a boss all while giving myself time off but running a business like a CEO. I actually have time to enjoy this new one and give all my family all the attention and love they deserve but most importantly myself.

I know my husband feels it too because we just hired someone to milk FULL time. Yup. Every morning and evening milking covered 7 days a week. So we now have 5 employees so we can breathe and enjoy our life and farm.

We are niching down on exactly how we envision our farm and ourselves.

Raw milk is expanding so fast and I’m literally doing NOTHING. Well I actually I’m not doing nothing, I just stopped trying.

I’m growing in ways I never thought was possible and so is my husband. We look at every circumstance as room for growth, opportunity, and learning and his dad is seeing it too.

So big hugs to you for changing our life!!!”

~ Rachelle – 5x Your Farm Sales Member

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