#193: How This Farm Family Doubles Sales Every Year AND Has More Personal Free Time Than Ever Before

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Like many farmers, Melissa Marks homeschools her 6 kids and runs their farm including attending farmers markets in the growing season.

Unlike most farmers, however, Melissa’s days are very intentional, thoughtful, well-planned, and the whole family stops every Thursday at 4 PM for a volleyball game.

Listen to Melissa’s full story on the Profitable Mindset Podcast today.

She learned how to create this beautifully orchestrated life using the strategies, coaching, and classes I teach in 5x Your Farm sales, my signature year-long coaching program now home to 270+ farmers.

Before starting coaching with us, Melissa was overwhelmed, overscheduled and overworked.

She knew from listening to my podcast that if she tried to grow her farm business while still overwhelmed, she would just grow the overwhelm, NOT any profit.  She really took note when I said if you grow your farm business, you grow your 3 biggest problems.

She knew her big problems were overwhelm, lack of time management and marketing skills.

She joined the 5x program about a year and a half ago, calmed her life down, and now is delighted and fulfilled with what she’s created.

Their sales have doubled. 

They’ve raised their prices several times and are now making money. 

They continue to have money to invest in infrastructure.

Her 20 year marriage has never been better – Melissa is now truly best friends with her husband. Something she thought was only social-media hype when she saw other women posting about “he’s my best friend.”

Listen to her success story on the podcast today.

5x Your Farm Sales opens for registration on January 15th. 

Don’t take just my word for it – please listen to Melissa’s testimony and see how this is possible for you, too.

From Melissa:  

The 5x Coaching Program is the best money I’ve spent, ever.

This program WILL change your life.

As long as you’re willing to invest time listening to the coaching calls each week, conveniently on a private podcast, you can’t help but to start to implement things.

It’s hard work, but it becomes easy to follow through when you start seeing what a difference it makes in your life, your family’s lives, and your farm business.

There’s no better way to spend our money every year.

I could never NOT be in this coaching program growing my mind and improving our family and business.”

Be Inspired by Melissa on the podcast today.

Happy New Year and let me help you make ‘24 your best year yet.

Warm Hugs,


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