#86: The Most Important Reason Why Your Farm Products Aren’t Selling

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My client created this amazing pricing course for new flower farmers that would save them 2-3 years of losing money.

There’s nothing like it in the industry – she’s sitting on a gold mine of knowledge and help for flower farmers!

Yet, she’s not selling it.

She’s not putting it out there.

I asked her why in Episode 86.

She said, “I doubt if it’s good enough. I worry people won’t buy it. I’m afraid flower industry experts might question it.”

You might think those are normal thoughts everyone has. And they often are.

Yet when she allows herself to think them, she spins on trying to improve the product. Trying to make it good enough. Trying to do anything to prevent the possibility of an expert criticizing it.

Which means, it’s still ‘sitting on the shelf’ not getting out there.

And every day it sits on the shelf she’s not making money and neither are the new flower farmers that need this info.

She’s stuck. NOT because the product isn’t good enough. But because of her thought.

These same thoughts are causing many of us to NOT put our products out there. And for sure, to NOT price them sustainably!

This problem is so common because we often think that fine-tuning the product is the problem.

But the product is never the problem.

It’s only her thinking that’s the problem.

The solution?

It’s clearly laid out in today’s episode. Click HERE to listen.

And remember. This is what we do in 5X Your Farm Sales.

I coach you to get to the REAL problem and to fix it once and for all.

Then you finally stop doubting, stop the worry, stop the incessant perfecting – and get it out there and start building your profitable farm.

Your thoughts are what will keep your farm from success.

Your thoughts are what makes your farm successful.

It’s NOT having the best product. Or having it priced just right. Or the best farming practices.

You need to learn this skill of intentionally creating the results you want in life.

Tune into Episode 86 to start now.

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