#91: You Won’t Build a Profitable Farm Until You Get Rid of Anxiety and Overwhelm

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Recently I had a client come to me feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the disorganization and chaos in her office.

I hear this struggle from a lot of you and I coach on it often!

As farmers, we get pulled between the enormous amount of farm work outside. And of course we’ve got houses to keep clean and often, families to feed.

And then there’s our marketing we aren’t getting to like we want, and then of course things pile up. The problem with feeling overwhelmed and frustrated is it will NEVER drive the action of cleaning up the office.

Or cleaning up anything at all!

When you create feelings of overwhelm and frustration, you’ll find yourself avoiding the very task you think is causing it. Avoiding it by going out and working in the barn or fixing a fence or packing orders.

This means, the original overwhelm-inducing project never gets done.

And the overwhelm and frustration continue every time you look at it or think about it.

In Episode 91, I will show you exactly how to remedy this.

Remember, “You can’t build a profitable farm that is also sustainable and fulfilling unless you clean up all these little areas of your life, it’s all these little things that add up to you having a profitable farm and life.” (episode 91)

Listen to Episode 91 now, to discover how to confront your brain’s sneaky way of making you feel bad.

I’ll walk you through just how to tackle all the teeny tiny tasks causing you anxiety in an easier, more peaceful way.



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