#93: How to Follow Your Plan on the Farm And Stop Getting Distracted

Be sure you’re on the waitlist to 5X Your Farm Sales:https://courses.3cowmarketing.com/5x-farm-sales Does this sound familiar? You have a list of to-do’s to run your farm and you know exactly what needs to be done. You wake up ready to seize the day, but then you don’t know where to start. You feel: Overwhelmed and stuck […]

#92: The 10 Essentials to Build Your Profitable Farm

Get on the Wait List for 5X Your Farm Sales: https://courses.3cowmarketing.com/5x-farm-sales Most farmers’ plans do NOT involve: Failing 80% of the time Struggling for many years trying to get to profit Working ’til exhaustion many days Hustling to make a buck to try to pay the bills on time Yet this is what farmers are emailing me […]

#91: You Won’t Build a Profitable Farm Until You Get Rid of Anxiety and Overwhelm

Get on the waitlist for 5X Your Farm Sales opening up soon: https://courses.3cowmarketing.com/5x-farm-sales Recently I had a client come to me feeling overwhelmed and frustrated with the disorganization and chaos in her office. I hear this struggle from a lot of you and I coach on it often! As farmers, we get pulled between the […]

#90: How Maggie Got Her Farm to Profit AND Calm In 5 Months

5X Your Farm Sales is OPEN for Registration: https://courses.3cowmarketing.com/5x-farm-sales In today’s episode, you Four months ago Maggie joined 5X Your Farm Sales. She and her husband produce and sell milk, chicken and pork. AND vegetables. She was so overwhelmed and run ragged by customers stopping in at all times of day, she couldn’t think straight. […]

#89: How This Farmer Moved From Complete Overwhelm to Profit and Balance

5X Your Farm Sales is OPEN for Registration: https://courses.3cowmarketing.com/5x-farm-sales In today’s episode, you’re going to hear about my client, Chris, a farmer in Colorado. She’s inside my 5X Your Farm Sales program right now and we’ve been working together for about a year. A LOT can happen in a year! Chris shares her shift from […]

#88: The 6 Tools You Need to Build Your Profitable Farm

Free Training: 6 Crucial Business Tools To Build Your Successful FarmSign up HERE:  https://courses.3cowmarketing.com/6-tools You’ve worked hard to care for your land and give your animals a good life, but if you’re still trying to figure out how to sell more farm products and turn your farm into a profitable business, here’s what you might be missing:Ready […]

#87: My 4 Step Process To Raise Your Prices With Ease

Click Link Below to 5X Your Farm Sales: https://courses.3cowmarketing.com/5x-farm-sales These are the two most common problems farmers start coaching with me to solve: You’re not making enough money. You’re struggling with overwhelm – not having enough time or money or resources so things aren’t getting done. Some tell me they’re hemorrhaging money! Yet you can’t […]

#84: Three Simple Tweaks On Your Farm’s Website to Attract More Customers

Get on the waitlist to 5X Your Farm Sales: https://courses.3cowmarketing.com/5x-farm-sales Farmers often reach out to me for help, disappointed their website is not making them more sales. Doesn’t matter what platform they have – they ALL can work. The platform is NOT the problem. There is no “perfect website platform” that when you find it […]

#82: The One Mistake That Prevents Your Farm From Paying For Itself

Book a free strategy session to see if coaching is right for you: https://calendly.com/csmith3cow/strategy-session?month=2021-07 Do you have a timeline for when your farm should be profitable? So many of my clients come to me at first, frustrated they’ve been doing all the things and still aren’t making money. The first thing I do is ask […]

5X Your Farm Sales Is Here!

Click Here to Learn to 5 X Your Farm Sales: https://courses.3cowmarketing.com/5x-farm-sales 5x Your Farm Sales, a Marketing and Mindset Course for Farmers. Inside, you’ll get: Lifetime access to three of my best courses designed to help stop the overwhelm, structure your farm for profit, and increase your sales Access to a Facebook group where you’ll […]