How to Create a Facebook Ad that Sells


Facebook ads can be confusing, difficult to manage and a complete waste a lot of time and money if you don’t know what you’re doing.

They can also be scary and extremely intimidating.

… but if done correctly, they can be a total game changer for your farm business.

Perhaps you’ve tried them in the past?

To help eliminate some of the stress and confusion around Facebook ads, I created a FREE training called, How to Create Facebook Ads That Sell.

Several of you have been asking for this type of training and I know you’ll get a lot out of it.

Click here to sign up >>> https://3cowmarketing.teachable.com/p/facebook (if you’ve taken our other trainings you’ll just need to log in.)

You’ll learn:

  • The Difference Between a Successful & Unsuccessful Facebook Post
  • How to Create a Beautiful Post Image Using Canva
  • How to Use Facebook’s Power Editor to Place Your Ad

Want Some Design Tips?

Several farmers submitted the ads they create for review – watch the video below to get my feedback based on my years of experience building our farm’s loyal customer base using basic Facebook Ads like we teach.

Want your own review?  Post your image inside The Profitable Farm FB group for feedback and suggestions and praise!!  I love seeing all the creativity out there!

Best of luck creating, and please share!



Click here for the free FB Ads Course: https://3cowmarketing.teachable.com/p/facebook

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