How To Handle The Competition.


Ugh, doesn’t it feel so icky when you’re faced with competition from other farmers?

I hate feeling like I have to defend my products, or when I know another farmer at a market isn’t being totally honest with their marketing.

So how do you overcome those feelings of inadequacy and turn it into something productive?

Take a listen to today’s video and find out my technique that eliminates the competition and builds a strong customer base.

Once you’ve watched the video, read on to make sure you’ve got a way to maintain those strong relationships.

There is no competition

Our goal should be that each of us creates our own unique set of dream customers who buy from us, then they will feel connected to you and will come back and shop from you, time and time again.

This is possible and farmers are doing it. The sooner you get on board with this belief and practice, the more successful you’ll be.

And, the less you’ll be bothered by a farmer up the road undercutting your prices, or the one who stretches the truth about their farming practices in their marketing.

Instead, when you ask the question I ask in the video above, you will be taking steps toward building your sustainable, profitable and fulfilling farm business, no matter what the competition is doing.

Consistent Communication is Key

Also, these techniques only work when you communicate with your customer consistently, not just when you want to sell them something.

Once you’ve seen the video, make sure you’ve got your email marketing in place, too, so that all your Facebook fans and Instagram followers can find you and you can communicate with them about your products.

We have resources right here for you to set up your email list and your website and just scroll down to training #2.  And in a couple weeks when our marketing course opens up you’ll be all set to get started learning how to deepen those relationships which means more sales for you.

Forward this to your farmer friends who need to sell their products! Don’t worry, remember, there is no competition when we each build deep relationships with our customers. There are plenty of customers all around for all of us to be successful, even if we live right next door.



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