How to Test Your Raw Milk

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milk test video 1Here it is!

In the video below I break down the process I use to test my cow’s milk.  (my way is not the ONLY way, yet it has worked for me for 10 years so I keep at it.)

First, though – if you think you can’t afford to test, then you need to take a close look at your pricing strategy.

I’ve given you mine for free so you can compare what you’re doing and make sure you’ve priced your milk strategically (rather than randomly).

Tune in to this episode, part 1 of 3 on how to price for profit:

#009 How to Price Your Farm Products for Profit (Part 1)

I have very strong opinions on raw milk testing –

I believe it is the moral and ethical obligation of every single raw milk producer to test your milk once a month at the very least.  It should be a mandatory part of your self-regulation and risk reduction plan.  So there’s my 2 cents!

In the video I talk about how to sample and send it to a certified lab overnight shipping, or how to sample and take it to your local vet. Both work. It costs me about $55 to test once a month – that includes shipping and the cooled box plus the lab charges.  If you think you can’t afford the money to test then you aren’t charging enough for your milk.  Your customers would gladly pay you more for milk in order for you to be able to test it.

If you’re still worried about increasing your price then you need to take my marketing classes and join our Private Facebook Group, too.  

Testing must be a part of every raw milk dairy.

The tests you’re looking for the lab to perform are the coliform count and a standard plate count.  There’s no reason to run any pathogen tests unless your coliforms are way out of whack.  Your coliforms are an indicator of pathogens possibly being present, so if they are within the desired range you’re good.

Pathogen testing is much more expensive – about $75 per pathogen, so a coliform test is a much more reasonable alternative and a low number is an indicator of lack of pathogens.

The desired range for a coliform count is about 25 or fewer,  and desired range for standard plate count is fewer then 15,000.

My test results are much, much lower then the recommended –– it’s possible to produce clean, safe raw milk every single time you milk by following basic safety procedures.  Once you have this monthly check in place you will find your milk quality is far more consistent.

Transparency helps you stay on top of your game. 

As part of our reduced risk and safety plan, I try to be very transparent and post my test results on my website.  I now have 6 years worth of excellent test results which is a great marketing tool – – my customers appreciate my transparency and so will yours.

Check out the video by clicking on the picture below and please leave your comment in the section below the video – tell me about your testing experience, or, when you will perform your first test.  Your comments help inspire this wonderful world-wide community of raw milk producers we have here!

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