#128: The Simple, Focused Practice Farmers Use to Finally Complete Their To-Do Lists

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This week I’m diving in to Step 2 of “4 Simple Steps to Create More Time.”

Today’s simple but life-changing exercise is one my clients in 5X Your Farm Sales learn to implement in the first week of class.

It’s one of the key shifts that create huge progress in their businesses.

It’s how they produce MORE in 2 hours than they used to struggle with completing in a week.

Click the link above to learn this simple practice.

You see, there’s something about the way you write down your to-do’s that’s keeping you unfocused.

You know when you sit down to your desk because it’s time to “work on marketing” and you research to feel inspired, but when it’s time to get up you still haven’t produced much of anything?

Ya, well, that’s how I used to be, too.

Until I learned the 4 steps I’m teaching you during this time management series to create way more time in your days.
The farmers in 5X Your Sales post in the Facebook group regularly, “It feels so luxurious to have free time every day, I’m still getting used to it!”

And this is for you, too.

THIS is the work I do daily, with farmers.

Dive into the episode today and do this work with me and free up some space in your busy day.

Not only will you free up space, but you’ll start to feel incredibly accomplished throughout your days, too, when you incorporate the practice I talk about in today’s episode of the Profitable Mindset.

Listen and learn by tapping the link at the top.


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