#130: This is the Strategy Farmers Use So Farm Life Doesn’t Derail Them

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If you’re a farmer, some days it feels like nothing’s going right.

Case in point, last week I coached on the following:

  • Lost half my flower crop to spider mites
  • The butcher closed suddenly & unexpectedly, leaving us with lower-quality options
  • We sold half our cattle herd at auction due to drought

And more.

At first glance, it seems these things shouldn’t be happening; they cause such negativity.

Thank goodness all these farmers have a mindset coach to help them immediately manage for the feelings of overwhelm, defeat, hopeless.

Click the link above to find out how>>

Because you see…

Being a farmer means you can expect circumstances like these.

Circumstances that might bring you to your knees on your average Tuesday.

Bring you to your knees, that is, if you don’t know how to manage your brain.

That is what coaching is. YOU learn how to manage your thoughts.

So you stop wasting valuable time and dollars trying to fix things that are a normal part of farming.

Because signing up for farming means you’re signing up for crop & animal loss, drought, flood, destruction, people quitting, etc.

When you learn to manage your thoughts around these circumstances that are a part of farm life, you will never be derailed again.

Today’s episode of the Profitable Mindset Podcast will get you started overcoming these circumstances that previously took you down for days or weeks.

Yes, you can fix all of that and learn to manage farm life with ease.

Listen & Learn HERE.



PS: 5X Your Farm Sales opens up for registration in October – be ready to jump inside the program, rewire your brain, and finally start farming and living with much more ease.

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