#160: Learn to Get Over the Fear of Disappointing Others so YOU Can Thrive

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You have one precious life to live.

You don’t want to get to the last decade of your life and realize you were there for everyone else but didn’t pursue enough of what you wanted.

This is often why people come to my coaching program – they aren’t creating or following through on their farm dreams. Or their life goals.

Listen to today’s episode to learn the skill of following your dreams.

But to follow your dreams of building a farm and living days that fulfill you, you’re going to have to tell some people, “no, I can’t help you with that; I have to prioritize MY farm, MY self.”

And when you prioritize yourself and your dreams, some people will feel disappointed.

Most of us try to avoid disappointing others at all costs.

At the cost of our dreams, our goals, and our fulfilling life.

But there’s another way.

When you learn the skill of letting people down (yes, it’s a learned skill) you will get a taste of what it’s like to live a more fulfilling life.

To live your dreams will always involve telling some people things that will make them feel disappointed.

And it can feel terrible to know others are disappointed.

And today, I teach you how to do that with ease.

When you learn this skill, you’ll create results on your farm, and in your life you never thought possible.

Because if you continue believing, “I can’t disappoint others,” it ALWAYS results in disappointing yourself.

When my clients realize this, their minds are blown.

What if it’s okay for others to feel disappointed if you say no?

Today I teach you how to learn a crucial skill that will allow you to live a fulfilling life and follow through on your dreams.

Stop beating yourself up by not following your dreams.

Listen now to Episode 160 of the Profitable Mindset Podcast


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