#83: 3 Steps to Feeling More Supported On the Farm By Those Around You

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Most farmers start their farms super excited to share their products and their vision with their community.

You excitedly share your dreams and visions with your partner and family.

Everyone’s cheering you on!

Until at some point, they question you. Or they doubt your vision.

Listen to this episode to learn what to do.

Or they wonder “will it really work?” and “when’s this going to pay off?”

Cue your immediate feelings of deflated, disappointed, defeated and totally unsupported!

Suddenly, their response to your BIG exciting vision starts to make you feel like…

😥Your dream is fading away

😥You’re all alone in the business

😥You feel deflated

That’s exactly what happened to one of my clients when she didn’t feel like her husband was supporting her.

As a matter of fact, she told me it felt like a ‘bait and switch’ because he was so encouraging at the beginning!

She’s not alone – it’s a topic clients are bringing to coaching calls regularly: feeling unsupported and deflated by their partners and family.

But let me tell you something about your farm dream…

You’ll learn in today’s podcast episode that you don’t have to let a person’s comments or behaviors deflate you or make you feel unsupported.

When you learn to shift your thoughts to some that are WAY more useful and productive, no one will ever “deflate” you again.

You’re 100% in control of feeling supported – today’s episode explains how.

That’s why I want to help you learn, 3 Steps to Feeling More Supported By Those Around You.

When you make the emotional shift in yourself to feel differently about what’s happening around you, you’re telling those dream snatchers to…

Scoot on over!

You’re in the driver’s seat.


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