#130: This is the Strategy Farmers Use So Farm Life Doesn’t Derail Them

5X Your Farm Sales Waitlist – HERE If you’re a farmer, some days it feels like nothing’s going right. Case in point, last week I coached on the following: Lost half my flower crop to spider mites The butcher closed suddenly & unexpectedly, leaving us with lower-quality options We sold half our cattle herd at […]

#129: Two Crucial Steps The Most Successful Farmers Add To Their Days

5X Your Farm Sales Waitlist – HERE I was raised to believe that I had to “earn” or “deserve” time off. I was taught I had to get it all done, or most of it, or get everything/everyone taken care of… …before I could take a break. And I hear it in the way you […]

#126: The Four Biggest Time Wasters in Your Day You Can Eliminate

Sign Up for Farm Marketing Week – Free Marketing Coaching – HERE Imagine how luxurious it would feel to have 2-3 extra hours every day of your life. It’s not just an impossible dream… stay with me here, and you’ll start to see possibility for this. ==> Click the link above to Learn the 4 […]

#124: How this mom of 6 Went from Frazzled to Fulfilled Farming With Family

Click HERE to Read All About 5X Your Farm Sales Coaching Program Today is a very special story of transformation of an extended farm family. -Click the link above to hear about how Rachelle, her husband, and her father-in-law have improved their lives dramatically on the farm.- Rachelle has 6 kids UNDER 7. As if […]

#120: How to Stop Criticizing Yourself So You Move Forward With Ease

Sign Up for Farm Marketing Week – Free Marketing Coaching – HERE Many of us confuse “being honest” with disrespecting ourselves. We think we’re just telling the truth when we say things like: “My marketing isn’t working” “I should’ve had this down by now” “I’m not very tech-savvy” “People don’t appreciate the work we do” […]