#184: Two Phrases To Help You Set Clear Customer Boundaries on Your Farm

“We just can’t keep living this way…” My client had her farm’s “open” hours clearly posted, yet people were dropping in outside of farm store hours, hoping to look around and buy something. My client was exhausted, frustrated, and falling really behind on her farm. The powerful and simple solution is in today’s Profitable Mindset […]

#183: Learn This Strategy to Charge the Real Cost of Your Farm Fresh Products

Click HERE for my free training, 4 Simple Steps to Create More Time Recently, a client requested coaching because she needed to increase her turkey price over last year by 50%, and she felt embarrassed to charge her customers so much more. I KNOW she’s not alone. Today’s Episode Will Help You Solve For This […]

#182: This Mindset Shift Will Help You Pay Off Farm Debt With Ease

Free Training: 4 Powerful and Simple Steps To Create More Time A couple weeks ago I coached a farmer who was forced to take on debt due to a family illness. ​Listen to today’s episode to hear the mindset shift she made.​ The debt made her feel like she was drowning. Can you relate, if […]

#181: The Strategy I Use to Become Profitable in The First Couple Years of Farming

Click HERE For Farm Marketing Bootcamp Invite – Starts September 11th ​Today’s episode #181 of the Profitable Mindset Podcast is chock-full of marketing nuggets for your farm biz.​ You’ll learn: My friends Sandy & Jeni interviewed me for their podcast about women and how we run our businesses. They aren’t farmers. But they know some […]

#180: An Easy 3 Step Process Farmers use to Write Emails That Make Money

Click HERE For Farm Marketing Bootcamp Invite – Starts September 11th Last week a farmer requested coaching because she was drawing a total blank when it came to writing emails and social media posts to market her beef. This didn’t just happen once, it was happening week after week. You know what happens when you’re […]

#179: How to Sell Your Farm Products in This Economy

Click HERE For Farm Marketing Bootcamp Invite When you hear me say, “Farmers deserve to be able to charge profitable prices.” Do you believe me? Or do you get blasted with doubts like… Self-canceling like this is so common – and it breaks my heart. The farm products you sell – from flowers to veg, […]

#178: 5X Your Farm Sales: Registration Open This Week Only

Click HERE To Read How to 5X Your Farm Sales and Sign Up We’re taking new farmers into the exclusive 5X program today. Don’t miss out on being a part of the most popular high-growth program for farmers. ​​Read about 5X Your Farm Sales HERE​​ (payment plan option on that page^^) Here’s what’s inside the […]

#177: Free Training: Six Tools Farmers Need To Build A Profitable Farm

Click HERE for 6 Tools Farmers Need to Build A Profitable Farm Does the following sound familiar? After teaching farmers to make money for over a decade, I’ve identified the top six tools needed to combat this and build a profitable and sustainable farm business. ​>>Click HERE to Sign Up and Learn the 6 Tools […]

#176: How This Team of Elite Coaches Supports You In Building a Profitable Farm

Click HERE For Farm Marketing Bootcamp Invite – Starts September 11th Today, you’ll meet my team of coaches who work with farmers each week supporting you in calming down your days, improving your relationships, and finally making a profit in your farm business. I hand-picked this team, pulling from many qualified candidates – they are […]

#175: How This Flower Farmer Increased Her Price by 30% and Still Sells Out

Click HERE For Farm Marketing Bootcamp Invite – Starts September 11th Three days before her wedding, flower farmer Colleen Taugher sat down with me to record this podcast episode. She was calm, balanced, energetic, and stress-free. Even during her busy-flower-season! Plus, designing her own wedding bouquets. She credits the 5x coaching program with allowing her […]