#149: The Tools This Farmer Uses To Reach Every Single Goal She Sets

Click HERE to sign up for Farm Marketing Week Feb. 3, 6, & 7 – FREE Marketing Coaching Setting and then reaching goals is a skill. It’s not something you’re born knowing how to do. And farmer after farmer in my coaching program is reaching goals and achieving levels in life they never imagined possible. […]

#109: Do This if You’re Afraid Customers Will Leave After a Price Increase

Sign up for FREE coaching during Farm Marketing Week HERE. In my conversation with Scott Shepherd this week we go very deep into the subjects of marketing and mindset and how you can’t have a successful, profitable farm with ease without mastery of your mindset. You’ll walk away from this episode with a lot of […]

#87: My 4 Step Process To Raise Your Prices With Ease

Click Link Below to 5X Your Farm Sales: https://courses.3cowmarketing.com/5x-farm-sales These are the two most common problems farmers start coaching with me to solve: You’re not making enough money. You’re struggling with overwhelm – not having enough time or money or resources so things aren’t getting done. Some tell me they’re hemorrhaging money! Yet you can’t […]

#75: You’re Not Selling What You Think You’re Selling

Click HERE to 5X Your Farm Sales. How do I know what my product does for people? There’s no special trick you guys. I just ask them! When a customer is buying something from you, it’s a perfect opportunity for you to engage them in conversation and learn about their challenges, show interest in them, […]

# 74: The Number 1 Strategy to Create the Perfect Customer Base

Go to 3cowmarketing.com/coaching to 5X Your Farm Sales! https://courses.3cowmarketing.com/5x-farm-sales Does your farm marketing appeal to the masses? It’s tempting to think that anyone with money in their pocket and an interest in our products is a potential customer. But guess what? Thinking that way is not going to make your farm successful. Tune in to […]

# 73: If Love Doesn’t Pay the Bills… Then What Does?

Ready to uplevel your life and business? Decide if coaching is right for you – book a free strategy session HERE. Why did you get into the farm business?  Most of us will say that we get into the business because we love it so much. We want to help people. We want to restore […]

#72: The First Step in Attracting GREAT Customers

Ready to uplevel your life and business? Decide if coaching is right for you – book a free strategy session HERE. Most people come to me with a version of this question once they start their farm;  “How do I find more customers and how do I keep them coming back so we can continue […]

# 51: How to Finally Reach Your Money Goals on Your Farm

Sign Up for Farm Marketing Week – Free Marketing Coaching – HERE Throughout the summer business series on the podcast, I’ve been walking you through everything it takes to build a profitable and sustainable farm. In episodes 37 – 50, we covered everything from what happens when you first start a farm, to creating a […]

#41: The ONE Thing You Need to do to be Really Good at Marketing

Schedule your FREE strategy session here: https://3cowmarketing.com/strategy Just the other day, one of my coaching clients set a goal of reaching a million dollars in sales! How does that sound to you? I’m so excited for her and know she’s well on her way to reaching this goal. This is part of what I love about […]