#192: This is Your 2024 Business Marketing Plan

Click HERE for my Free Training: 3 Steps to Your Profitable Farm – LIVE January 15th. If I could help you get anything you want on your farm, what would that be? MOST people say time and money… not necessarily in that order. ​Listen Above For Your 2024 Business Marketing Plan​ What most farmers usually DON’T […]

#191: How to Make More Money Using This 2024 Farm Marketing Plan (part 2)

Click HERE for my Free Training: 3 Steps to Your Profitable Farm What if you knew exactly what to do for the next 12 months to create the farm biz of your dreams? That’s what my year end planning episodes will help you do. Part 2 (of 3) is right here on the Profitable Mindset Podcast […]

#178: 5X Your Farm Sales: Registration Open This Week Only

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#136: The Huge Roadblock All Farmers Face – And Tips on How to Overcome

Click HERE to Get On the Waitlist for 5X Your Farm Sales Coaching Program Today and tomorrow I’m in Jackson, Miss., teaching a marketing workshop with Joel Salatin – follow along with us! I’ll be sharing reels and stories on Instagram – Click HERE to follow me there throughout the 2 days. This is my […]

#117: The 3 Step Process My Clients Use to Send Marketing Emails With NO Fear

Sign Up for Farm Marketing Week – Free Marketing Coaching – HERE If you’re not sending your marketing emails to people with ease, it’s not a time management problem, like this week’s client thought. It’s a thought problem. The only thing between you knowing you need to send marketing emails or newsletters and actually sending […]

#109: Do This if You’re Afraid Customers Will Leave After a Price Increase

Sign up for FREE coaching during Farm Marketing Week HERE. In my conversation with Scott Shepherd this week we go very deep into the subjects of marketing and mindset and how you can’t have a successful, profitable farm with ease without mastery of your mindset. You’ll walk away from this episode with a lot of […]