#109: Do This if You’re Afraid Customers Will Leave After a Price Increase

Sign up for FREE coaching during Farm Marketing Week HERE. In my conversation with Scott Shepherd this week we go very deep into the subjects of marketing and mindset and how you can’t have a successful, profitable farm with ease without mastery of your mindset. You’ll walk away from this episode with a lot of […]

#94: 7 Ways You’re Wasting Huge Amounts of Time on Your Farm

Sign Up For My Free Training: 4 Simple Steps to Create More Time: https://3cowmarketing.mykajabi.com/more-time Are you running your farm or is your farm running you? I ask because farmers regularly tell me they’re being pulled in all different directions by everything, everyone AND their dog (literally – sometimes their dog ). What if I told […]

#82: The One Mistake That Prevents Your Farm From Paying For Itself

Book a free strategy session to see if coaching is right for you: https://calendly.com/csmith3cow/strategy-session?month=2021-07 Do you have a timeline for when your farm should be profitable? So many of my clients come to me at first, frustrated they’ve been doing all the things and still aren’t making money. The first thing I do is ask […]

#68: My Secret to Getting More Customers

Ready to uplevel your life and business? Decide if coaching is right for you – book a free strategy session HERE. I hear from farmers regularly that you are struggling with sales, wondering what you could be doing to sell more of your products. What you’re doing isn’t working, you’re scrambling around doing all sorts […]

# 67: 6 Steps to Raise Your Prices Without Losing Customers

Ready to uplevel your life and business? Decide if coaching is right for you – book a free strategy session HERE. Most farmers I know are not charging enough to generate a healthy profit and be sustainable, which causes so many problems in our businesses. And, one of the main reasons farmers give me for […]

# 61: THIS Will Make Your Marketing WAY More Successful in 2021

Book a free strategy session to invest in coaching:  http://3cowmarketing.com/strategy How in the world does the shame of “who I am” end up in an interview on email list building? Tune in to today’s podcast episode to see exactly how I connect the two. And why it’s imperative we all learn to manage shame or […]

#57: Here’s How This Farmer is Making One Million Dollars This Year

Register for Marketing and Mindset Mastery Here. My client came to me to feel better and to figure out how to get her farm more profitable. We’ve been working together since January. She is now on track to make a million dollars on her farm this year. That’s SEVERAL times what she was making before […]

#52: How to Get More Sales with Email Marketing

If you want a profitable farm, email marketing is essential. I’ve been teaching marketing for 8 years and doing my own marketing for 11 years, and here’s what I know for sure:   No matter what other options or trends may come or go, email marketing remains a consistently successful means of building your profitable farm. […]

#39: 10 Year Plan That Will Ensure Your Business Profits

Schedule your FREE strategy session here: https://3cowmarketing.com/strategy When I started my business, I winged it at first… I didn’t understand that I’m the one who decides how much money I make. It really wasn’t until year 2 or 3 when I started to create a plan. And guess what… when I started planning, I knew exactly […]