#120: How to Stop Criticizing Yourself So You Move Forward With Ease

Sign Up for Farm Marketing Week – Free Marketing Coaching – HERE Many of us confuse “being honest” with disrespecting ourselves. We think we’re just telling the truth when we say things like: “My marketing isn’t working” “I should’ve had this down by now” “I’m not very tech-savvy” “People don’t appreciate the work we do” […]

#107: How to Overcome Writer’s Block and Feel Inspired in Your Marketing

Click HERE to Get on the Waitlist for 5X Your Farm Sales This week a farmer asked for coaching because she has writer’s block and often feels stuck when she sits down to write. Yet she knows her farm’s success depends on her being able to write emails to sell, descriptions on her website that […]

#106: 4 Steps to Make Your Farm Stand Out and Delight Your Customers

Click HERE to Get on the Waitlist for 5X Your Farm Sales One of the biggest problems farmers share with me is they struggle to build a big, loyal customer base who will keep coming back season after season and continue paying, without complaint, our higher-than-grocery-store prices. This week I’m sharing four FREE things I […]

Properly Clean Your Raw Milk Machine

Many raw milk producers I consult with find it difficult to get profitable – they just can’t seem to charge enough to cover costs + a profit margin. And 98% are out of business within a few years. I’ve got help. I’ve got a pricing series over on my podcast with my spreadsheets I use […]

Rustic and Handmade – Refine Your Raw Milk Dairy Milking Stanchion

Today I am showing off my rustic, homemade milking stanchion due to popular request!! First, though – have you heard my raw milk pricing podcast and filled out the free worksheets to determine what you should be charging? If not – here you go: #009 How to Price Your Farm Products for Profit (Part 1) […]

Prepare an Udder Like A Pro

I’ve got something BRAND new for you if you’re a new farmer… or even within the first few years of business. Be sure to listen to my new podcast “25 Steps to Start and Setup Your Farm Business.” #001: 25 Steps You Need to Start Your Farm Business (Part 1) If someone had given me […]