#86: The Most Important Reason Why Your Farm Products Aren’t Selling

Click Link Below to 5X Your Farm Sales: https://courses.3cowmarketing.com/5x-farm-sales My client created this amazing pricing course for new flower farmers that would save them 2-3 years of losing money. There’s nothing like it in the industry – she’s sitting on a gold mine of knowledge and help for flower farmers! Yet, she’s not selling it. […]

# 71: How to Stop Thinking Your Products/Pricing/Marketing is Never Good Enough

Ready to uplevel your life and business? Decide if coaching is right for you – book a free strategy session HERE. Do you ever think you’re the only one thinking that your products or pricing or farm isn’t good enough? Almost 100% of my coaching clients present with this thought at some point, but they […]

# 67: 6 Steps to Raise Your Prices Without Losing Customers

Ready to uplevel your life and business? Decide if coaching is right for you – book a free strategy session HERE. Most farmers I know are not charging enough to generate a healthy profit and be sustainable, which causes so many problems in our businesses. And, one of the main reasons farmers give me for […]

# 44: How to Avoid Debt and Have Consistent Cash Flow on Your Farm

Schedule your FREE strategy session here: https://3cowmarketing.com/strategy  When you started your farm, did you have a plan for cash flow? I didn’t, I just knew I wanted to start a farm. Now I ended up picking something that was great for cash flow. With dairy, I would milk the cows in the morning and by the […]

# 42: A Simple Business Model to Make More Profit.

  Schedule your FREE strategy session here: https://3cowmarketing.com/strategy Do you have a business plan? If not, don’t worry, you’re not alone. In fact, many of the farmers I work with avoid business plans or business models, because they feel overwhelming. Plus, most of us started our businesses because we love the land and the animals, we […]

#40: If you Feel Bad Charging What You Need To, This Will Help

Schedule your FREE strategy session here: https://3cowmarketing.com/strategy 15 years ago we started drinking raw milk, and as soon as we started drinking it, I noticed that my kids’ eczema (that they’d had for years) went away. Then about a year later, our raw milk farmer just up and quit. He went out of business and his […]

#20: 4 Ways You Can Sell in the Winter

 This can be a hard time of year for many farmers because it’s coooooold outside for most of the country. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could slow down, rest and enjoy indoor activities with the family? Instead, I’m getting emails saying “Help! My freezer is full of meat chicken/beef/milk (fill in the blank). The […]

#018: How to Stop Worrying About the Farm

If it snows, no one will come to the farm and we won’t make money. Should we sell at the farmers market or invest in an on-site farm store? Should I take credit cards or cash only? How much do I charge?  If I increase my prices, will I lose all my customers? Worry — […]

#012: Mistakes I Made That You Can Avoid

 Welcome to Q&A Day on the Profitable Mindset Podcast! When you’re new to farming and don’t know where to start the questions are endless. When first starting, what are the best cash-flowing products I should sell to hit the ground running and keep expanding? What’s the best way to draw in customers? Can you […]