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How Nick Burton Made 6 Figures His First Year in Farming

Don’t let this guy’s laid-back Texas drawl fool you. Nick Burton, the owner of Victory Garden Farms and Victory Lunch Club in Paris, Texas, is one sharp businessman who agreed to share as many of his success strategies he employs on his small protected culture farm (greenhouses, indoor grow room, high tunnel) as he could in the 30 minutes we

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How to Determine Which Products to Add for More Profit

For many, the American dream is to have a house and a few acres.  And luckily, you and I are living that dream! Whether you have 1/2 an acre, 5, dozens or even hundreds of acres – you can have a thriving farm business. Too often, though, we start with one product and have success with sales, so we add

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How to Sell Your Products When You Identify as an Introvert

Do you consider yourself an introvert? Oh boy…if there was a way I could sell my farm products without having to talk with customers all day then heck yes, I would!! You and I just want to farm or work in the garden, we don’t want to have to sell our stuff and interact with people – let’s be honest…nobody

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How To Graciously Say Goodbye to a Challenging Customer

Have you ever been in this spot? You serve dozens of customers all week, bending over backwards in your busy schedule to accommodate them in the best way you can, and at the end of the day all you can think of is that one super-annoying, complainer customer that you can just never seem to please! One of our students,

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Farm Website Case Study – tips you can use, too.

Last week Melissa from Tanglebloom Flowers emailed with some questions about her website. After checking out her beautiful site she designed I asked if I could answer her in a video with a few suggestions so we all could benefit! (Thanks, Melissa!!) Websites that bloom… First of all, you flower farmers are so lucky because you can create such spectacular,

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Lisa Kivirist on the Power of Women Farmers

What happens when you and your spouse quit your jobs, buy a farm, move into the old farmhouse and then realize you need an income pretty darn quick?! Start a B & B, of course! That was Lisa’s introduction to farm life 20 years ago. That’s not the only option, but it did offer her an income right away so

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Facebook Marketing {Part 2}

Last week in Part 1 I reviewed the common Facebook misconceptions and this week I’d like to offer some recommendations for your Facebook marketing. If you didn’t read part 1 yet – please start here. The RIGHT way to use Facebook (to build your email list) Last week you learned Facebook is not the place to sell your products and

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How to use Facebook to get more farm sales {part 1}

Facebook. Instagram. Pinterest. Snapchat…  new social media sites are popping up all the time! How do you choose where to spend your time? Is it even worth it? Have you ever sat down to work and then an hour later you realized you were sucked into Facebook and you haven’t gotten one thing done? Been there! If I were making

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