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If You Think Market Determines Your Price, You’re Wrong

Ever hear yourself saying any of the following? “I can only sell my eggs for XX amount because in my area that’s all the market will bear.” “The going rate for pork in my area is XX per lb. so I hate to charge much more than that.” “I am competing with farms who have sprung up as tax write

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What’s stopping you from building a lucrative customer base?

For the past few months I’ve been covering some great marketing tactics for your farm – how to blog for profit, why you need to build an email list to get more customers customers, and how to make your website work better for you. Now I’d like to bring it all back home and refocus on the very foundation of a growing business

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2 Website Tweaks You Can Make For More Profit

If you’ve spent any time here on the blog you know how firmly I believe in relationship centered online marketing as the key to your success on your farm. In this post, I walk you through how to make 2 easy tweaks to your website to make more profit so you can start making your farm sustainable, not to mention have

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“Where Should I Advertise?”

Frequently I get asked, “Where should I advertise my farm products?” The q’ comes in many versions: How do I convince people that my products are worth the price? How do I get people to respond to my ad? How do I get my name out there? Do you see a trend here – everyone asking these questions is looking outside

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Charlotte Smith & Mark McAfee: cheap raw milk is dangerous raw milk

You gotta see today’s video. Doesn’t matter if you produce raw milk or not, nor what kind of Ag related biz you own, you’ll be inspired. Mark McAfee has been a raw dairy farmer for 20 years and is first and foremost a humanitarian.  That clearly shines through in this conversation we had a few weeks ago. After building the world’s

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Free Worksheet to Determine Your Raw Milk Price

It’s coming up on tax time!! As if you needed that dismal reminder. This is the time of year when I take a bird’s eye view of my farm, what’s profitable, what’s not, and what are possible solutions. Last year at tax time we had just finished up 6 months of trying once-a-day milking.  After 6 years of twice-a- day I thought I’d

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GREAT way to get more customers + free template

Last post I gave you an extremely powerful tool to Reach out to your customers by email  It was a template for an email you could copy to help build trust with your customers. This goes far in developing a loyal fan base who will pay your prices you need to sustain your business. I got lots of thank you emails from those of

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My secret to getting more customers + download to help

I hear from farmers regularly that you are struggling with sales, wondering what you could be doing to sell more of your products. What you’re doing isn’t working, you’re scrambling around doing all sorts of things people tell you about.  Farmer’s markets, deliveries, craigslist, posting at the local feed store.  You are exhausted and still don’t have enough customers or a reliable way to get more

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Should you do a price breakdown for your customers?

Last week on a free monthly marketing call I host I was asked a question I’m super-opinionated about. Anna called in and asked if it was a good idea to do a blog post, email, or even facebook post to her customers explaining how she came to pricing her meat chickens she sells. My instant response – the short answer

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How I deal with newborn calves – leave on Mama or no?

I’m regularly asked what I do with my calves when the dairy cows calve. For instance, do I keep them on the mamas or remove them and bottle feed, or a combo? I put together today’s video to explain just that. Take a look at my process, then I’d love for you to scroll down below the video to the

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