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How to Create a Strong Call-To-Action in Your Marketing

Each week I receive many marketing emails, blog posts, and see social media posts from farmers and they are super informative – I hear all about their newest products available or opportunities for a class. And unfortunately, that’s where it often ends – they forget (or are afraid) to tell their readers & followers to take action! When you send

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How to Talk About Your High Prices Without Feeling Guilty

The mindset shift Joel Salatin taught me about pricing your products as “craft food” instead of as a commodity. For the second time in less than a year, my husband and I hosted Joel Salatin at our home so we could teach “The Profitable Farm Workshop.” No matter how many times I hear Joel speak, I’m inspired to be a

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How to Plan a Successful Photo Shoot on the Farm

In today’s world of online marketing, top-notch photos are a necessity and an important part of your successful marketing strategy. We live in such a visual world that websites are expected to be beautiful. And Facebook and Instagram have made it so everyone can look like a semi-professional photographer! A Professional Photo Shoot Can Convert Lookers into Buyers   Without high-quality,

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6 Steps That Will Make You Money on Your Farm

I talk to a lot of farmers that think it’s impossible to be a profitable farm. With high competition and grocery stores (including online!) flooding the market, it’s no wonder you think this. I’m here to tell you it is absolutely possible and I can show you how. I’ve done it for myself over the last decade and I’ve shown

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How To Handle The Competition.

  Ugh, doesn’t it feel so icky when you’re faced with competition from other farmers? I hate feeling like I have to defend my products, or when I know another farmer at a market isn’t being totally honest with their marketing. So how do you overcome those feelings of inadequacy and turn it into something productive? Take a listen to

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How to Create a Facebook Ad that Sells

  Facebook ads can be confusing, difficult to manage and a complete waste a lot of time and money if you don’t know what you’re doing. They can also be scary and extremely intimidating. … but if done correctly, they can be a total game changer for your farm business. Perhaps you’ve tried them in the past? To help eliminate some of

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What You Need to Know About Product Mark-Up vs Margins

In my ceaseless quest to help more farms thrive and become profitable AND stay in business, this week I had the privilege of interviewing Kevin Fort of Regenerative Business Institute, a tax accounting, and business strategist firm where several of his clients are farmers. Kevin lives in Gilbert, Arizona, with his wife and kids and in addition to his business finance

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How to Stay in Business as the Popularity of Farm Fresh Food Declines

As if running a farm and dealing with weather challenges, predator problems, or  crop issues isn’t enough, now we have to stay ahead of all the marketing trends that challenge our sales, too! In the last ten years, we’ve seen farming as a profession and farm fresh food become hip, cool, and trendy. And while farm fresh food and flowers,

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How to Write A Profitable Marketing Email

  When you first decided to start your farm, I bet you were so excited to bring in the first crop of veggies, bring home your first animal, or welcome your first customers. You planned everything to the last detail, overjoyed that you were living your dream of feeding your family off the land. But after a while, farming started

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