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#166: If You Ever Feel Disappointed in Your Sales, This Will Help

Click HERE : Create a Farm Website that Sells-Free Training It can be sooo disappointing when you spend months preparing for your busy season selling your flowers, meat, eggs, or farm events – all the things. Then you send your sales emails and… it’s a big flop. You don’t sell nearly what you thought you would. It is so disappointing.

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#164: How My Clients Sell Out with One Email – Free Training May 2nd

Click HERE to Sign Up For Farm Marketing Week – free marketing coaching On Tuesday, May 2nd at 10 AM Pacific, I go live with farmers all across the country on Zoom to review marketing materials. Each time I offer strategic marketing feedback on these calls, farmers email me afterward sharing success: ​This WILL be you if you implement even half of

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#158: How to Turn Your Overwhelm into Freedom on the Farm

Sign Up HERE for Free Marketing Coaching in May Farmers often share with me that you started a farm to be free to do what you want, when you want. You wanted to make your own schedule to have more time doing what you love. You think you can spend more time with your family because you’re not going to

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#157: Two Crucial Steps to Become the CEO of Your Farm

Click HERE to sign up for Free Marketing Coaching in May There’s something I teach that no one else in the farming world is teaching. And I teach it because it works – my clients, farmers, everyone, make money and have calm lives. They don’t just make money – they make more money than they’ve ever made.  As in, they

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