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My 3 Step Process for Customers Who Think Your Prices Are Too High

“How do I price my products? What do I charge?” It’s one of our most common questions, and why we created our free pricing course + calculator last week. However, it’s brought up lots of comments about customers who challenge our prices. It’s a given that the prices for our handcrafted, homegrown, sustainable, or artisan goods are going to be

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#172: The Two Biggest Mistakes You Make When Trying To Make More Money

Click HERE For Farm Marketing Bootcamp Invite – Starts September 11th Last week a farmer showed up for coaching stressed because she isn’t making enough money to hire enough help. She feels like she’s on a hamster wheel, wearing herself out but not getting anywhere. She was even wondering if she should just quit, it seemed hopeless to her that

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#169: Five Top Marketing Mistakes Every Farmer Needs to Avoid

Today on the podcast I’ve got the 5 most common mistakes farmers make (and how to avoid them) whether you’re brand new or have been farming for 30+ years. But first… Click HERE to Sign Up for my Free Training: Create a Farm Website that Sells Since I’ve worked with thousands of farmers over the years, I’m seeing a trend

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#168: Why Farm Branding is Important + How to Achieve It

Click HERE to Sign Up for my Free Training: Create a Farm Website that Sells “Branding.” It stops up many a farmer! Usually, they fall into one of two camps: Either they think they don’t need a brand, and they ignore it. Or if they do, they think branding consists of a logo, website, tagline, mission statement – or maybe

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#166: If You Ever Feel Disappointed in Your Sales, This Will Help

Click HERE : Create a Farm Website that Sells-Free Training It can be sooo disappointing when you spend months preparing for your busy season selling your flowers, meat, eggs, or farm events – all the things. Then you send your sales emails and… it’s a big flop. You don’t sell nearly what you thought you would. It is so disappointing.

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#164: How My Clients Sell Out with One Email – Free Training May 2nd

Click HERE to Sign Up For Farm Marketing Week – free marketing coaching On Tuesday, May 2nd at 10 AM Pacific, I go live with farmers all across the country on Zoom to review marketing materials. Each time I offer strategic marketing feedback on these calls, farmers email me afterward sharing success: ​This WILL be you if you implement even half of

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