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#120: How to Stop Criticizing Yourself So You Move Forward With Ease

Sign Up for Farm Marketing Week – Free Marketing Coaching – HERE Many of us confuse “being honest” with disrespecting ourselves. We think we’re just telling the truth when we say things like: “My marketing isn’t working” “I should’ve had this down by now” “I’m not very tech-savvy” “People don’t appreciate the work we do” These are various versions of

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#118: Free Worksheets to Figure Out How to Price Your Products

Get the Free Pricing Worksheets HERE. Last week on a free marketing call I hosted, I was asked a question I’m super-opinionated about. A farmer asked if it was a good idea to do a blog post, email, or even Facebook/IG post to her customers explaining how she came to pricing her meat chickens she sells. My instant response –

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#113: The One Thing You Must Change in Your Marketing

Sign up for FREE coaching during Farm Marketing Week HERE. What I know to be true after working with hundreds of farmers, is the thing between you and the money you want to make is your marketing written in a way that connects and creates desire to buy. The amount of sales you make is a direct result of your marketing.And marketing

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