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#81: How to Stop Worrying What People Think

Book a free strategy session to see if coaching is right for you: https://calendly.com/csmith3cow/strategy-session?month=2021-07 Every week I coach more than one farmer on feeling afraid to put themselves “out there.”It sounds like this: I’m afraid I’ll let people down  But people will be disappointed I don’t like how I look/sound on camera I’m afraid people will criticize my…  (fill in

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#80: How Slowing Down Makes You More Profit On Your Farm

Deciding on Coaching? Book a free strategy session to see if the program is right for you: https://calendly.com/csmith3cow/strategy-session?month=2021-07 Have you ever thought to yourself, “I wish I didn’t have to work so much”? What would you do with your time? Take a vacation? Spend time with your kids? Find a hobby?! (Or invest more time into a hobby?) Visit with

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#78: 3 Steps to Get Better Results with your Social Media Marketing

Click Here to Listen: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/steps-to-get-better-results-with-your-social-media/id1461523532?i=1000525834972 Just the thought of needing to post on Facebook or Instagram daily can spin us farmers out in stress. I’m told daily things like: “I never know what to post!” “Who am I to tell them to buy my stuff?” “What if I turn people off?” ​Sound familiar? I can confidently say that everyone shares

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#79: The Number One Mistake I see Most Farmers Making

Many of us think the diversified farm is the pinnacle of farming. Tons of research shows us how good it is for the land. But you gotta earn the right to have a diversified farm. What do I mean by that? You earn the right by proving you can be successful & profitable with ONE species or product line before

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5X Your Farm Sales Is Here!

Click Here to Learn to 5 X Your Farm Sales: https://courses.3cowmarketing.com/5x-farm-sales 5x Your Farm Sales, a Marketing and Mindset Course for Farmers. Inside, you’ll get: Lifetime access to three of my best courses designed to help stop the overwhelm, structure your farm for profit, and increase your sales Access to a Facebook group where you’ll meet and learn with fellow

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#75: You’re Not Selling What You Think You’re Selling

Click HERE to 5X Your Farm Sales. How do I know what my product does for people? There’s no special trick you guys. I just ask them! When a customer is buying something from you, it’s a perfect opportunity for you to engage them in conversation and learn about their challenges, show interest in them, and talk about their problems

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# 74: The Number 1 Strategy to Create the Perfect Customer Base

Go to 3cowmarketing.com/coaching to 5X Your Farm Sales! https://courses.3cowmarketing.com/5x-farm-sales Does your farm marketing appeal to the masses? It’s tempting to think that anyone with money in their pocket and an interest in our products is a potential customer. But guess what? Thinking that way is not going to make your farm successful. Tune in to this episode, where I discuss

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# 73: If Love Doesn’t Pay the Bills… Then What Does?

Ready to uplevel your life and business? Decide if coaching is right for you – book a free strategy session HERE. Why did you get into the farm business?  Most of us will say that we get into the business because we love it so much. We want to help people. We want to restore the land. We love the

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#72: The First Step in Attracting GREAT Customers

Ready to uplevel your life and business? Decide if coaching is right for you – book a free strategy session HERE. Most people come to me with a version of this question once they start their farm;  “How do I find more customers and how do I keep them coming back so we can continue growing or get profitable?” Although

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