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#108: How to Create a 5 Day Sales Launch For More Money/Less Work

Click HERE to sign up for Farm Marketing Week – free coaching. So far in 2022, I’ve had several farmers in my 5X Your Farm Sales Coaching Program make more money in one week than they made previously in months of marketing.All because they’re learning how to create focused sales launches.I taught a masterclass inside 5X Your Farm Sales this

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#106: 4 Steps to Make Your Farm Stand Out and Delight Your Customers

Click HERE to Get on the Waitlist for 5X Your Farm Sales One of the biggest problems farmers share with me is they struggle to build a big, loyal customer base who will keep coming back season after season and continue paying, without complaint, our higher-than-grocery-store prices. This week I’m sharing four FREE things I did the first few years

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#102: How this California Farmer Doubled Her Sales to 200K in 2021

Click HERE To Attend a FREE training: “3 Steps To Your Profitable Farm in 2022” Today on the podcast you’ll hear from my client, Sherri Wood, a San Francisco ‘city-girl-turned-farmer’ when she purchased a Lavender Farm in Northern California. One year ago she joined the 5X Your Farm Sales program and set out to successfully double her sales from $100k

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