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#35: How to Manage Your Time With Freedom and Ease

Does scheduling every minute of your day feel restrictive, limiting, and suffocating? It did for April. So she did what every normal person would do… She rebelled. At that point, she was free to continue reading on the couch instead of milking the cow. Free to do what she wanted at the moment instead of honoring her commitment to herself.

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#34: How to Continue Marketing When You’re Sold Out

Farm Marketing Course Self-Study:  https://courses.3cowmarketing.com/farm-marketing-self Book a free strategy session here: 3cowmarketing.com/strategy My son is a U.S. Marine. I remember when my son went to the Marine Corps Bootcamp. It was tough. I watched video after video of what he was going through each week in training. Many times with tears in my eyes! I wondered why they have to

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#33: 3 Breakthrough Secrets to Getting out of Overwhelm

Schedule a FREE 30 min Strategy Session here: 3cowmarketing.com/strategy Years ago, I was unfulfilled with life. Life was all work and no play. It was a constant cycle of waking up, working hard, and hitting the grindstone followed by wine at night. I’d wake up tired and unsatisfied with where I was and how the farm business was operating. The

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#32: A Solution to Feeling Unappreciated and Undervalued

 Trying to decide if 1-on-1 coaching with Charlotte is right for you? Click here to book a free strategy session or 👉 http://3cowmarketing.com/strategy It feels like farmers are overworked and underpaid more than any other industry because I hear it every week on coaching calls. The long hours are hard. It’s a thankless job with dirty hands and little

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#31: How to Effectively Avoid the Spam Folder

 Farm Marketing From the Heart self-study 👉 https://www.3cowmarketing.com/marketingcourse FREE Email Course 👉 https://www.3cowmarketing.com/free-email-course/ I hear this a lot… “All my emails are going to spam.” “Are my emails getting blocked for some reason?” “People don’t check or open email anymore . . . please help!” Hey, I get your frustration, I do, but there are a few tricks I

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#30: 3 Ways You Can Eliminate Overwhelm on the Farm

FREE Mindset Coaching Webinar at 3cowmarketing.com/coaching. Overwhelm. It’s a powerful word with a lot of meaning behind it. It’s defined as “bury or drown beneath a huge mass. Defeat completely. Give too much of a thing to (someone); inundate.” So it would make sense that you see yourself drowning under a huge mass of farm projects and things to do

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#29: How to Lose Everything on Your Farm and Still Come out Ahead​

  Sign up for the free coaching webinars I’m holding for April and May: https://3cowmarketing.com/coaching I went through something during my high-school years that shaped my whole life. This series of events could have taken me down a bad path of negativity, failure, and sadness if I had let it. And frankly, I’m pretty sure my parents never recovered from

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#28: How to Retain New Customers After the Pandemic is Over

  FREE Group Coaching Here: 3cowmarketing.com/coaching Free private strategy session: https://calendly.com/csmith3cow/strategy-session Listen to Episode #26 here: https://www.3cowmarketing.com/episode26/ I’ve heard a lot of farmers recently say things like, “I hope all these customers that are buying from us right now remember us when this pandemic is over.” Part of me is so happy to hear that farmers are finally selling out

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#27: How to Use Video on Your Farm to Make More Sales

The best way to make more sales and build trust with your customers is to do video. Now I know what you’re going to say… You don’t like yourself on video. You don’t like the sound of your voice. You stall, stutter and say “ummmm” every other word. I know how you feel — I’ve been there too. But in

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#26: Why Delivery Will Save Your Farm During a Quarantine

 How to Stay In Business Through These Trying Times We are in trying times, right now aren’t we? Corona is affecting all of us, all over the world (not just our farm or our town or our country… all of us). During this time of quarantine, getting your products into the hands of the people who need them most

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