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#59: Your Most Profitable Year in Business Starts Here

One thing you might not know about me – I’m a super-nerd for all things planning! I’ve learned by experience that ONLY when I plan – do I reach huge goals. Goals I thought were impossible – until I planned them and followed that plan. And attained the “impossible” goal! I’m teaching you one of the processes I use to

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#56: This Simple Practice Will Improve Your Farm’s Bottom Line Profit

NOW OPEN:  Marketing and Mindset Mastery Coaching Program I’m so excited to share this episode with you. In episode 56 of the podcast, I’m sharing a key skill that’s going to make it so much easier to have a profitable farm. In fact, without this skill, it’s likely you’ll struggle. This isn’t something that’s usually talked about when it comes

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#55: How To Set Boundaries on the Farm and With Your Family

Open For Registration: Marketing and Mindset Mastery Ever find random customers wandering around the farm NOT where they should be? (hand raised!) A boundary is meant to protect you and what is most important to you. Sometimes a boundary is needed with customers or family. Sometimes it’s a boundary to protect ourselves from ourselves! For instance, for us people-pleasers, maybe

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#54: How to Have Stress Free Holidays With Your Family

The holidays are coming up quickly and along with everything we love about these celebrations, for many of us, the holidays also bring a lot of stress. In episode 54 of The Profitable Mindset podcast, I’m talking all about how to have stress-free holidays with your family. I’m so excited to share this episode with you. When I learned the

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# 53: How to be An Expert in Writing Profitable Marketing Emails

What is it that you need in your farm business right now? If you’re looking for more sales, more engagement, and more connection with your customers, listen to episode 53 of The Profitable Mindset podcast, where I’m teaching you how to be an expert in writing profitable marketing emails. The best part is that I’m sharing actionable tips that you

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#52: How to Get More Sales with Email Marketing

If you want a profitable farm, email marketing is essential. I’ve been teaching marketing for 8 years and doing my own marketing for 11 years, and here’s what I know for sure:   No matter what other options or trends may come or go, email marketing remains a consistently successful means of building your profitable farm. And so, in episode 52,

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# 51: How to Finally Reach Your Money Goals on Your Farm

Sign Up for Farm Marketing Week – Free Marketing Coaching – HERE Throughout the summer business series on the podcast, I’ve been walking you through everything it takes to build a profitable and sustainable farm. In episodes 37 – 50, we covered everything from what happens when you first start a farm, to creating a 10-year plan, to hiring and

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# 50: Why You Need to Set HUGE Money Goals on Your Farm

Sign Up for Farm Marketing Week – Free Marketing Coaching – HERE A lot of farmers complain they can’t make money on a farm. And the truth is – most farmers DON’T make any money, or at least enough to even cover expenses. Most (98%) go out of business. But here’s what I know. It’s not that you can’t make

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