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#013: How I Market My Farm in One Hour a Day

The #1 complaint I hear from farmers about marketing is “I’m too busy and can’t add one more thing to my plate. I just don’t have time for marketing.” Trust me, no one has time to fit in “one more thing” but I’m here to tell you marketing your farm is a must if you want to be profitable. Download

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#012: Mistakes I Made That You Can Avoid

 Welcome to Q&A Day on the Profitable Mindset Podcast! When you’re new to farming and don’t know where to start the questions are endless. When first starting, what are the best cash-flowing products I should sell to hit the ground running and keep expanding? What’s the best way to draw in customers? Can you share your work/personal schedule? What

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#009 How to Price Your Farm Products for Profit (Part 1)

Pricing your products for profit can be stressful. If you charge too much, customers will leave or worse, they’ll never buy from you in the first place. So you… You go to a farmers market. You walk around noticing that the “other farmer” is charging $3.00 for a carton of eggs. You go back to your table and charge $0.50

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#008: What You Need to Be Posting on Social Media

“I don’t know what to post or say on social media.” “My life (farm life) really isn’t that interesting.” “I need to get motivated more often to create content regularly.” Sound familiar? I’m sure it does. Wanna know why? Because I hear farmers like you say this all the time. What if I told you that your life IS interesting

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#006: How to Find Customers That Value Your Products

 In this episode of the Profitable Mindset, we talk about how to find customers that value your products. Like most farmers, you probably live in a rural area where it’s hard to find people that value high-quality food. Customers don’t appreciate what you sell and don’t see the value in paying top-dollar for their meats, eggs, dairy, or produce.

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#005: 25 Steps You Need to Start Your Farm Business (Part 5)

Lost? Confused about where or how to start? The final steps to starting and setting up your farm business are here! If you’re someone that is brand new to farming, just starting out, need help with what to do or where to start, this 5 part podcast series is for you. This episode goes over the final steps you need

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#004: 25 Steps You Need to Start Your Farm Business (Part 4)

 I’m so grateful! If you’re new, you have to listen to this series. The feedback I’ve received from this podcast series has been outstanding. The reviews you’re writing and the action you’re taking is inspiring. Thank you. So if you’re just tuning in, in this episode I’m talking about the 25 steps you need to start your farm business.

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