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What are your customers saying about you?

When I began selling raw milk 6 years ago I had an extra fridge in my garage, gave my customers the code to open the garage door any time of day so they could get their milk. We kept it swept and dusted, but it was still a garage. I soon sold enough milk to pay for us to transform

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Embrace these 2 mindsets and you will be successful.

  Over the last year and a half we’ve graduated dozens of farmers from our marketing courses. It’s so fulfilling to see them finally move toward sustainability and making money so they can continue getting their products to the people who need them so desperately! If you are ready to take your farm to the next level it’s time to

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You will succeed when you matter to people.

  I hear from so many of you that you can’t figure out where to “find the right customers,” or “how do I convince people our products are worth the price,” and “how do I know where to go and what to say to find customers.” I want to throw a completely different perspective in the ring here.  You will

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The Best of Times, The Worst of Times

That was this week for me. Had an amazing visit to Joel Salatin’s Polyface Farm as part of my boardmember opportunities for the Farm To Consumer Legal Defense Fund. That was the BEST of times! Then, a journalist who’s written about me before posted an article this week about the price of my milk. No context whatsoever, that our land

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“Where do I focus my efforts?”

300 farmers go out of business each week in America. Yes, you read that right and that should make you furious!! After my initial anger I was motivated to make sure I am NOT one of those farmers. You and I need to focus on selling our products at a price we need to be sustainable so we can be

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How to Test Your Raw Milk

Free training so you can be confident your raw milk is priced for profit: https://www.3cowmarketing.com/priceforprofit Here it is! In the video below I break down the process I use to test my cow’s milk.  (my way is not the ONLY way, yet it has worked for me for 10 years so I keep at it.) First, though – if you

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rotational grazing for superior raw milk

I frequently get asked about our intense rotational grazing system so thought I’d just head out to the field and show you! When you feed your cows like – moved regularly to fast growing, lush grass – this is reflected in the superior taste and quality of the milk. I filmed it in my beef cow pasture, but I use the

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Properly Clean Your Raw Milk Machine

Many raw milk producers I consult with find it difficult to get profitable – they just can’t seem to charge enough to cover costs + a profit margin. And 98% are out of business within a few years. I’ve got help. I’ve got a pricing series over on my podcast with my spreadsheets I use on my farm to calculate

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Off-Taste in Your Raw Milk? Fix it Here.

Free training so you can be confident your raw milk is priced for profit: https://www.3cowmarketing.com/priceforprofit Ever take a big drink of milk and then – bleh!!*#@ it tastes like a cow? Or super bitter? Or like well-aged parmesan cheese (not in my milk, please!)?? One of the most common calls for help I get from raw milk producers is because

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Rustic and Handmade – Refine Your Raw Milk Dairy Milking Stanchion

Today I am showing off my rustic, homemade milking stanchion due to popular request!! First, though – have you heard my raw milk pricing podcast and filled out the free worksheets to determine what you should be charging? If not – here you go: #009 How to Price Your Farm Products for Profit (Part 1) I’ve learned in this business

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